Focused Content Combined with
State-of-the-Art Technology

CrossKnowledge Learning Packages maximize learner impact by delivering curated content and learning technology formats to address specific learning topics (e.g., performance reviews) or the specific needs of a targeted audience (e.g., first-time managers).

Discover Our Learning Formats

Our Learning Packages are available in two configurations:

Learning Paths

A bona fide course curriculum, the CrossKnowledge Learning Path provides a track for selected topics or a pre-defined audience, along with the necessary content and formats delivered and arranged for step by step sequential learning.

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Learning Channels

The CrossKnowledge Learning Channel provides a uniquely curated, dynamic selection of content for specifics audiences or community of learners to access in a more self-directed manner or using just-in-time learning.

The benefits to your organization

State-of-the-Art Learning
Built on CrossKnowledge Experience

Drawing on years of experience, we have included a concentration of best practices into our Learning Package solutions that have proven effective for our clients.

Prepared Learning for Essential Topics
and Defined Audiences

Leveraging our success with organizations worldwide, our Learning Packages are designed to address the most essential topics and audiences for today’s business needs.

Cutting-Edge Content

The content and technology solutions of our Learning Packages are continuously updated to give you the latest from our experts and industry thought leaders. 

Quick Release

CrossKnowledge Learning Packages are efficiently rolled out and quickly put to use with our “plug and play” technology and our best practices for implementation.

Mobile Access

We employ optimal technology to ensure that your learners can access our Learning Packages anywhere, and on any device, for a seamless learning experience.