Accountability in Leadership

Be Up to the Hard Work of Leadership

Course time 35 min
Accountability in Leadership: Be Up to the Hard Work of Leadership - CrossKnowledge Skill Path

Leadership isn’t easy, and leaders thus have a tendency to avoid or delay tackling the thorniest issues. They may shy away for example from making an unpopular decision, handling a problem employee, or voicing concerns to higher-ups in the organization.

But not facing such issues head-on can only make them worse. This course helps develop the courage and resilience that it takes to be a good leader and take on these hard tasks.

Expected outcomes

What is the hard work of leadership?

More courage, resilience, and resolve to manage leadership problems, both big and small

Time to get tough

A more significant contribution to the company’s performance

Developed by

Vince Molinaro Leadership accountability and culture change - CrossKnowledge Faculty


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