Critical Thinking

Set a Foundation for Critical Thinking

Course time 42 min
Set a Foundation for Critical Thinking

Is your approach to problem-solving to fix your mind firmly on the question at hand and your available information, and then set off wherever your gut leads you? Then this course is here to convince you that you’re potentially going about it all wrong. Or that at the very least, your approach could stand to benefit from a stronger foundation in critical thinking.

Here you’ll get key strategies that allow you to approach a problem in a sounder way, so that you’re not blinded by emotions or blindsided by what you don’t know. Your ultimate solutions will be more creative, profitable, and logical, as your thinking will be standing on much firmer ground.

Expected outcomes

Approaching time pressure, emotions, and facts

Reframing important questions

More creative and solid decision-making and better capacity to ensure critical thinking

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Tom Chatfield


  • Critical Thinking

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