Euro-China Blended MBA to Develop the Most Demanded Hard Skills and Soft Skills

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In the context of fast economic growth and rapid business transformation in China, organizations and individuals are striving to build solid business fundamentals and acquire the latest critical skills for sustainable success.

Kedge BS, together with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and CrossKnowledge will deliver a unique and advanced Blended MBA program that blends the best of international knowledge and expertise from China.

Launching in June 2021, the program will combine the finest of Digital Learning and face-to-face learning, targeting the most in-demand hard skills and soft skills.

Objective of the program

Through its construction and content, the program will allow each participant to:

  • Develop a global strategic vision
  • Master the technicalities of modern business management
  • Build a cohesive vision of business
  • Integrate knowledge to apply in real life situations
  • Develop their personal networks and career path
  • Grow their leadership skills
  • Understand how to conduct themselves in business situations

Program advantages

Target audience

Specially designed for:

Executives in China want to boost their careers and be in a position to join a prestigious program while still working, a good compromise from both a personal and financial perspective. Corporations also face various difficulties such as unsatisfactory training resources, unprepared managers, and high talent turnover. Companies are looking for leaders with new skills that will help them understand current changes, and design innovative and high-performance business models.