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Paris, October 3, 2019

How CrossKnowledge’s CK CONNECT Solution Effectively Assesses and Trains People Skills: A Neuroscience Evaluation


Key Stakeholders

Chief Learning Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Compliance Officer, Learning and Development Directors and Managers, Compliance Directors and Managers, Corporate Trainers, Content and Learning Product Managers

Why It Matters

People (aka soft) skills training is an important part of any organizations Learning & Development strategy. Unfortunately, most people skills training solutions are ineffective because they engage only the cognitive learning systems in the brain, instead of engaging cognitive, behavioral and emotional learning systems in the brain. Organizations and their employees need high-quality people skills training to face the challenges in the modern workplace.

Top Takeaway

CrossKnowledge’s CK CONNECT solution meets these challenges and addresses these needs by combining personality assessment with personalized people skills training for each employee, and a holistic view of team personality dynamics for managers.

The content is designed and delivered in a way that effectively engages cognitive and emotional learning centers through scenario-based microlearning, and knowledge testing, and primes the learner for behavior change with exercises and action plans.

CrossKnowledge’s CK CONNECT Solution provides the competitive advantage that organizations need to attract, train, and retain the best talent.

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