Answer to Mobile Learning Challenges with Fully Integrated Solution

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CrossKnowledge, the leader in integrated e-learning solutions, unveils a complete offer to assist companies in their mobile learning strategy. After launching the “My Learning” mobile application, CrossKnowledge combines training and mobile learning by proposing a fully integrating solution.

According to a study carried out by Ericsson at the end of 2015, over 90 percent of the data growth from 2015 to 2021 will come from smartphones. For many, smartphones and high-speed access to smartphone applications have become a requirement of everyday life. Using content while on-the-go is part of the daily routine for many, whether they are viewing personal (videos, social networks, etc.) or professional content (news, emails, etc.). A context that is more than just favorable to the development of mobile learning.

Yet, companies encounter difficulties using their e-learning content across devices, or they launch mobile-only solutions that have no synergy or correlation with their current training programs.

Mobile learning is not just about creating an application

CrossKnowledge guides companies as they define and implement a mobile learning strategy that is an extension of their training program. To ensure success and return on investment, three items are essential at all times: using existing content, creating mobile content, and how this content is used in the training programs (blended learning, learning communities, free-access, etc.).

These let employees:

CrossKnowledge : perfect balance of content, format, and tools

With a complete solution and personalized assistance, CrossKnowledge aims to maximize on the efficiency acquired by its experience in mobile learning so that companies can capitalize on their existing programs and offer a more flexible and efficient training experience.