Design a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy with Nathan Furr

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Around 70% of digital transformations do not meet their stated goal because of either bad strategic decisions or problems with their execution.

To design a winning strategic digital transformation, it’s essential that you look carefully at the platforms you are going to use as the engine of your transformation, that you build and leverage an ecosystem of partners to give you quick access to the technologies that are vital to make this transformation happen, and that you take advantage of the new opportunities offered in the digital world to reinvent your business model.

Even the greatest strategies won’t take you anywhere, however, if you can’t bring your organization along with you on this digital transformation journey.

This course will demystify the strategic choices you need to make. It will provide insights, tools and case studies to help you design a robust strategy and implement it successfully, allowing you to lead your organization confidently into its digital future.

Find out how your leaders can be more effective in their approach!

Nathan FurrNathan Furr is Innovation and Strategy Professor at INSEAD in France , and is a recognized expert in the fields of innovation and technology strategy. Professor Furr earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University where he studied how innovators commercialize their ideas. His bestselling books include The Innovator’s MethodLeading Transformation and Innovation Capital. He has published broadly in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Forbes, Inc. and academic journals. He is an Innosight Fellow, has been nominated for the Thinkers50 Innovation Award, and works with leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Citi, ING, Philips, Solvay and others.