Lead from the Middle

Strategies for delegation, trust, and adaptability

Now more than ever, your managers need to go beyond managing direct reports. They must have the ability to work in flat structures and drive cross-functional teams in order to achieve objectives.

Lead from the Middle equips your managers with the necessary skills to collaborate effectively, lead with empathy, and influence others in this new business landscape.

They will not only make a real impact in your organization but also thrive through complexity and uncertainty.

This program benefits:

Lead from the middle - Junior Manager

Junior Manager

Lead from the Middle - Middle Managers

Middle Manager

Lead from the Middle - Project Leads

Transversal Project Manager

Learned skills and behaviors

Influence and collaboration

Learn to communicate effectively by managing up,
down, and horizontally.

Generate innovative ideas

Develop diverse and curious thinking that sparks


Activate business success by increasing team
accountability to improve performance.


Create a safe environment where teams feel comfortable
contributing, failing, and learning.

Organizational impact:

Empower middle managers to develop essential leadership skills and mindset to:

Efficiently navigate flatter
organizational structures.

Execute business strategy by nurturing accountability and
ownership within teams.

Drive team performance and
business outcomes, while fostering collaboration in any environment.

The program

Facilitated Learning Programs

Lead from the Middle

4-week program – up to 15 learning hours

Targeted employee cohorts learn together in smaller groups of around 10
Facilitator-led, situational learning

Thought-leading content developed with these experts:

Vince Molinaro Leadership accountability and culture change - CrossKnowledge Faculty


P.h.D. and strategic advisor, speaker, and global expert on leadership accountability and culture change.

Dr. Diane Hamilton - business behavioral expert


Business behavioral expert, and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index.

Jason W. Womack

Jason W.

International speaker and leadership coach.

Tom Chatfield


Writer, broadcaster and
tech philosopher.

Marie Miyashiro


Internationally recognized author, business consultant, facilitator, and keynote speaker.

Amy C. Edmondson - psychological safety - CrossKnowledge Faculty


Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School.

Curriculum and Modules

Key learning points and outcomes
Program kickoff
Program intro, learning goals, and expectations
Week 1:
Understand leadership

Embrace your leadership identity

Create the conditions for success, even in complex and chaotic environments

Build strong, collaborative relationships
Week 2:
Lead yourself: challenge your assumptions

Recognize the value of curiosity in the workplace

Identify opportunities to think more divergently

Embrace failure for more effective innovation
Week 3:
Lead your team: create a safe, collaborative environment

Measure the importance of psychological safety and empathy in the workplace

Establish a psychologically safe environment for your team

Harness empathy when interacting with your team
Week 4:
Lead together: empower your team

Prepare your team for assuming leadership responsibilities

Encourage accountability on your team

Deal with conflict

Acknowledge successes and share credit
Program Wrap Up
Program wrap up, impact

End of course survey

The CrossKnowledge advantage

Leading from the Middle - Outcome-designed


Engaging content activities developed
with renowned experts and delivered
in a proven learning design.

Leading from the Middle - Cohort-based


Your employees learn together with
their peers and within the context of
your organization.

Leading from the Middle - Facilitator-led


One-on-one guidance and virtual
sessions packed with purposeful
interaction and peer-to-peer learning.

Ignite collaborative

Kick-start change

Deliver impact

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