Run Effective Meetings

Improve Meeting Performance Through Specialization

Course time 41 min
Improve Meeting Performance Through Specialization

When you devote valuable time to meet it’s for a purpose, but if team members are A major reason that meetings underperform is that they become vague catch-alls for team action and information, and eventually teams aren’t even sure what they’re meeting for or come together with cross-purposes.

This course helps people ensure that purposes for meeting are much more clear, and that they are holding the right kinds of meetings in the right way for the aims that they have. Making the effort to really understand the variety of meetings you have and the best ways to execute each one will do wonders for your organization’s performance in meetings, and in turn your performance writ large.

Expected outcomes

Why and how we should specialize our meetings

Looking in-depth at the types of meetings

High-performing meetings with specialized, defined purposes

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Elise Keith -CrossKNowledge Faculty


  • Contribute Effectively to Meetings
  • Run Effective Meetings

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