CrossKnowledge solutions can be integrated into your current platforms

Link Digital Learning and Information Systems

All the different tools your company uses to enhance sharing, encourage collaboration and increase productivity have the possibility to communicate with each other and become interconnected and accessible through the use of 50 connectors available through our Software-as-a-Service. Our integration capabilities reflect the partner strategy of CrossKnowledge, where a complete and open ecosystem of learning providers work together to respond to common training challenges.


CrossKnowledge applies its deep and innovative technological capabilities to simplify the often complex and confusing communication between a digital learning platform and a company’s varied content and learning solutions.

CrossKnowledge integration capabilities provide the tools you need to:

Expand your knowledge base by integrating content libraries

Libraries and content created with the CrossKnowledge Digital Publishing Platform, content in the CrossKnowledge Content Library, or content from any external publishers

Enrich your LMS experience by integrating other solutions

We can add learner tracking, collaborative services, videos, social network sharing platforms, business intelligence programs, and virtual classroom modules and courses

Easily interface our Learning Suite with other SaaS platforms

Our digital learning solutions can easily integrate into your existing intranet, talent management system, learning management systems or CRM, for seamless interaction


We Can Easily Integrate Our Solutions Into Your Current Platform


The CrossKnowledge Hub was created to address the two common challenges that L&D departments face: how to increase engagement and how to capture informal learning.

The CrossKnowledge Hub integrates into existing tools to simplify the end-user experience, enhance accessibility, and increase productivity. The CrossKnowledge Hub also acts as a layer above the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite to link different applications and capture all informal learning to transforming the Learning Suite as a complete Learning Experience System.

Our HUB is an IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution that allows you to develop and manage integration services extending, the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.

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