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High Impact Learning Experiences

Covering the most in-demand skills with the next generation of learning content, our Skill Paths are designed to be meaningful, result-oriented and enjoyable. Each Path provides the right amount of information and activities to fit into a learner’s busy day – with a maximum duration of 45 minutes – and includes:

  • Social activities (polls, open questions, etc.)
  • Learning content and activities (e-learning modules, videos, reading material, etc.)
  • Practical activities (challenges, self-directed analyses, action plans, etc.)

“As the world fills with more sophisticated AI and ubiquitous technology, human skills– active listening, empathy, etc.–will define the competitive edge of workers and entire organizations”

– “Future of Jobs”, World Economic Forum

Content for the people and business skills you need

Our Skill Paths are fully adaptable to your own competency framework.


• Create and relay the vision

• Design thinking

• Ensure accountability in your team

• Ensure organizational agility

• Guide change

• Innovation

• Leader’s accountability

• Leadership attitudes

• Strategic thinking

• Take your leadership to the next level


• Build a fearless team

• Build a successful team

• Confront the 5 dysfunctions of a team

• Develop & coach people

• Drive results and motivate

• Engage remote team members

• Manage conflicts

• Manage diversity

• Manage the team wellbeing

• Manager attitudes

• Managing

• Pursuit of excellence

• Run effective meetings

Personal development

• 21st century attitudes

• Complex problem solving

• Critical thinking

• Develop creativity using intuition

• Judgement and decision making

• Manage your growth and career

• Manage your own wellbeing and work/life balance

• Mindfulness

• Productivity

Interpersonal development

• 21st century attitudes

• Assertiveness and self-confidence

• Basics communication tools

• Contribute to effective meetings

• Deal with conflicts

• Deal with other cultures

• Empathy and emotional intelligence

• Negotiation

• Networking

• Persuasion and influence

• Service and client orientation

• Teamwork & collaboration


• Digital marketing

• Finance acumen

• Human Resources

• Marketing

• Sales management

• Selling

Anticipating your learning needs

Every organization has unique requirements. We support all your learning needs through selected top content partnerships, covering most frequently asked topics like desktop, IT, compliance, procurement and many more.


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Ready to use solutions are available off-the-shelf either in a social environment with Learning Channels or through guided training programs with Path to Performance.

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A collection of segmented learning environments for self discovery​ in communities with similar expertise or interests.

Path to Performance

A collection of 30 carefully curated and guided learning programs fostering skills acquisition on the most in-demand topics, customizable and easy to roll out.

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