Lead in Uncertainty

Sustain Your Path Forward Through Uncertainty

Course time 50 min

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Sustain Your Path Forward Through Uncertainty

When you operate in an area of uncertainty, you’re going to be bewildered. Uncomfortable. Anxious. And more. How do you keep going in the face of setbacks, ambiguities, and the unknowable?

This course has tools for building the needed resilience.

What you will learn

How to anticipate and deal with challenges
in uncertain environments and keep on the road ahead

Training course overview

  1. Change your mindset to build resilience
  2. Explore key tools for sustaining yourself
  3. Harness the toolset

Learning outcomes

A greater resilience when facing the downsides of uncertainty
An ability to unpack and analyze thoughts about what could go wrong—and right

Developed by

Nathan Furr: Innovation and technology strategy - CrossKnowledge Faculty


  • Digital Transformation
  • Innovation

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