CrossKnowledge Sessions
Provide Key Concepts

Recognized as state-of-the-art products throughout the world, CrossKnowledge Sessions are short digital learning modules available in up to 17 languages targeting measurable skill acquisition in all fields of management, leadership and personal effectiveness. Our sessions are the backbone of our library and have been recognized internationally and have received multiple awards for their innovative format and scope.

Expertise from top minds, anywhere

Created with the assistance of the CrossKnowledge Faculty, a body of professors from the world’s most prestigious universities and business schools and best-selling authors, CrossKnowledge Sessions deliver key concepts, useful techniques and essential behavioral skills that reflect good management and sound leadership skills for the 21st century. With hundreds of titles and topics, covering issues spanning various disciplines (leadership, management, communications, personal development, digital transformation, etc.) our sessions form the core of our library to engage learners and generate measurable skill acquisition. Our collection of sessions is constantly updated and broadened, to make sure your organization and staff stay in the know.


Interactive, engaging and ready for the digital era

At CrossKnowledge, learner engagement is among our top priorities. As a result, we have taken digital learning to whole new levels through inductive pedagogy and advanced learning design that emphasizes learning by doing. We believe that for real learning and skill acquisition to take place, learners need to stay active and engaged throughout the learning experience. This is why we inject Hollywood-quality videos, make every screen interactive and fun, all with a contemporary flat look that is compatible on any device, anywhere. In addition, our sessions are built with Mohive, our in-house authoring tool, and can easily be customized to add extra impact for the learner and ensure that the skill acquisition is contextualized to the needs of your organization.

Test a demo session: “Digitally enhancing your products” with David Bell.