Digital Learning for Employee Development at Aviva

Digital Learning for Employee Development at Aviva

The Challenge

To properly train its underwriters to give advice on their products, the Company needed to create compliance accredited e–Learning content that conformed to specific legal standards. Previously, Aviva’s small Learning & Development team worked collaboratively with subject matter experts to create technical content and assessments, or commissioned training support from a number of external training suppliers. This was laborious and expensive, so they were looking to bring all their training development in-house.

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The Solution

Aviva implemented Mohive, CrossKnowledge’s digital publishing platform. Mohive allows subject matter experts to easily create and edit technical content and assessment requirements, which has significantly shorten the timescale for content creation. “We did an analysis before we bought Mohive and found we spent around 80% of our time on updating assessment content with subject matter experts. This is a way for us to give that ownership back, because we are such a small team. We can now spend time on projects we previously had to refuse or postpone,” says Robin Lal.

With Mohive, Aviva now focus on e-learning content creation with stringent assessment requirements that is attractive to learners, putting the insurer in the best possible position to keep ahead of the pack in a highly competitive sector. But the L&D team is using Mohive in many different contexts. For example, they developed modules around child safeguarding that are available globally, targeting employees who volunteer with children as part of Aviva’s corporate and social responsibility activities. They also created learning content designed to raise the Net Promoter score of the Company’s business units.


Aviva is looking at using Mohive’s mobile-friendly HTML 5 facilities


CrossKnowledge has developed certain social aspects of Aviva’s internal communication on SharePoint, with planned integration onto mobile devices.

Corporate Digital Learning case study at Aviva | CrossKnowledge

"We are now meeting compliance guidelines. The program has a fresh, new look and feel that it is more visually appealing than our old solution. Plus our learners like the new content and the straight forward interaction."

Robin Lal,
L&D Consultant, Aviva