Manage Diversity

Take on Allyship

Course time 55 min
Take on Allyship

You may see others facing disadvantages due to their gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, or many other factors and want to know how to help. But you also don’t want to say the wrong thing or step on toes.

This course shows how to be a successful and supportive ally to those who are in identity groups that are different from your own.

Expected outcomes

Explore allyship and privilege

Deal with systemic problems through advocacy

More sensitivity to others’ experiences and an ability to speak up and support marginalized groups when needed, as well as to accept imperfection and let things go when that is the better option

Developed by

Amber Cabral - Diversity, equity and inclusion - Faculty


  • Manage Diversity

Available languages

  • American English
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German

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