Manage Diversity

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Course time 43 min
Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

The term “diversity” gets thrown around a lot.

This course offers the opportunity to find out what diversity really means in workplace settings and how it goes far beyond a few commonly discussed categories like race or gender. You’ll see how to be more inclusive by valuing the many types of people around you and facilitating collaboration with them. Plus, you’ll find out what you and your organization stand to gain from doing so.

Expected outcomes

Recognize and value diversity

Take action to embrace diversity and inclusion

An awareness of team and organizational diversity and a readiness to support it

Developed by

Amber Cabral - Diversity, equity and inclusion - Faculty


  • Manage Diversity

Available languages

  • American English
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German

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