Personal Wellbeing

Look After Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing at Work

Course time 40 min
Look After Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing at Work

Bullying, harassment, and sexual assault are unfortunately too common in With a proper approach and limits in place, your work can be a source of structure and meaning that translates into better wellbeing. But without an intentional, thoughtful level of control and discipline it’s easy to let work’s demands and stress spiral out of control and tear down your health. Even just sitting at a desk for too long can cause major problems.

This course shows a variety of strategies for taking control and ensuring that your work is a positive influence on your overall wellbeing.

Expected outcomes

Take control and be assertive about work-life balance

Better physical and mental health and wellbeing and a more balanced approach to work

Handle stressful periods

Greater assertiveness and confidence in turning down demands that are too much

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