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Understand Hybrid Ways of Working

Course time 38 min

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Understand Hybrid Ways of Working

Many people have experienced both onsite and remote ways of working and are now navigating new mixes of these two.

This course examines the many options that are available and what the risks and rewards are for workers’ lives and job productivity, as well as what teams and organizations need to consider to make the most of hybrid working.

What you will learn

The main types of hybrid working and their benefits and challenges

Training course overview

  1. What hybrid working is and why it’s popular
  2. The benefits and risks for employees
  3. What organizations stand to gain and lose

Learning outcomes

Une meilleure compréhension du travail hybride et une capacité à évaluer de manière réaliste ce qu’il peut vous apporter, à vous et à votre entreprise

Developed by

Lisette Sutherland is the author of "Work Together Anywhere" (Wiley) and member of the crossKnowledge Faculty


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