11 New skill paths to boost your growth IQ with Tiffani Bova

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Boost your growth IQ with Tiffani Bova

A recent Gartner study shows that CEOs’ #1 priority for 2023 is growth. But how can we make strategic decisions to ensure the growth of our organizations? The 11 new Skill Paths from Tiffani Bova, Chief Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce and a member of the Thinkers50 list, are here to help!

A guide to smarter growth choices to learn to boost your growth IQ

The capacity to find growth: a key asset in challenging times

In an era of rapid digital transformation and economic turbulence, achieving growth is crucial—and sometimes even a question of survival. Tiffani Bova has identified the 10 most effective paths to growth and a method to select, combine and sequence them for maximum impact. The 11 Skill Paths in this course are packed with powerful stories to inspire your growth strategy and enable you to lead your organization to long-lasting, sustainable success.

Eleven great Skill Paths to develop your growth strategy acumen

  1. Find Your Paths to Growth
    For organizations to grow, they must understand the fundamental mindset that leads to successful, sustainable growth as well as the various proven routes—some expected, some surprising—that can get them there. This course lays the groundwork for understanding and exploring your options.
  2. Make Customer Experience Your Growth Engine
    At the foundation of any path to company growth lies customer experience. This course shows why and how we need to take this on if we are to have a flourishing business.
  3. Improve Customer-base Penetration
    One of the smartest and least risky ways to achieve business growth is by selling more to the customers you already have. This course shows how this can work for you.
  4. Accelerate Into New Markets
    At some point, many businesses need to grow by moving beyond their current customer base into new markets, whether that means different geographical areas or other types of customers. This course shows how to do so with existing products.
  5. Expand Your Product Line
    Whether it’s to better serve current customers, spark their imaginations with new options, or foster growth in new ways, companies often look to expand their product lines. This course shows how doing so can drive growth—and what pitfalls to watch out for.
  6. Diversify Your Customers and Products for Growth
    Companies often seek growth through creating new products for new markets. This is riskier than most people appreciate, but there are good reasons to make these efforts in the right circumstances. This course shows the best routes to take from those who have succeeded.
  7. Optimize Sales
    Businesses obviously sell things, but what is often not appreciated is that optimizing the process is a fundamental path for growth. This course provides the keys to success through showing what this means as a strategy and how it can combine with other growth paths.
  8. Reduce Customer Churn
    Too often, a quest for new-customer growth is foiled by losing customers just as quickly as you take them on. This course shows the benefits of a focus on customer churn and how to strategize for reducing it as part of growth.
  9. Form Partnerships for Growth
    Rare is the business that can completely go it alone. And for growth, forming partnerships can be an easier, cheaper and often more successful way to ramp up quickly. This course looks at how best to cultivate them.
  10. Co-opetition: Cooperate with Competitors
    Why on earth would you partner with the “enemy”? This course shows how such partnerships can actually be a key way to grow your business.
  11. Grow Through Socially Conscious Strategy
    Aiming for continuous growth requires thinking a bit differently from competitors. One very interesting way to do so is to seek growth through doing good for the world. This course shows how that has worked for others and could do the same for you.

Tiffani Bova - growth IQ

Tiffani Bova is the author of two Wall Street Journal bestsellers: Growth IQ and The Experience Mindset.

A celebrated keynote speaker, ranked for the last four years in the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50 , Bova inspires people to think forward, be bold, and take action. She was named one of 2020’s Top Virtual Keynote Speakers by ReadWrite and is a frequent guest on media outlets such as Bloomberg, BNN, Cheddar News, MSNBC and Yahoo! Finance.

She contributes her thinking to publications including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Diginomica, Quora, Rotman Management Magazine and Dialogue, the leadership and management journal of Duke Corporate Education.