Develop a Fuller Sense of Accountability

Course time 41 min

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Develop a Fuller Sense of Accountability

Everyone wants to be seen as accountable, but ask them what this means and you’ll get lots of different answers.

This course will help you to focus in on what’s truly important, avoid the common misconceptions, and take on the real internal drive of accountability in your work with your team.

What you will learn

What accountability is and isn’t

The individual, team, and leadership aspects of accountability we all need to understand and take on

Training course overview

  1. Understand accountability
  2. Avoid the pitfalls
  3. Embrace full accountability

Learning outcomes

A stronger sense of accountability and how to bring it to your teamwork and career
An ability to unpack and analyze thoughts about what could go wrong—and right

Developed by

Jason W. Womack

Jason W.

  • Accountability in Leadership

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