Ensure accountability in your team

Instill Accountability in Your Team

Course time 51 min

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Instill Accountability in Your Team

If you could just get those whom you manage to be more accountable, you’d save a lot of time and aggravation, and improve the good will, trust, and communication between team members. But accountability by its very nature can’t be mandated from above; it must be a drive your staff feels from within. So how do you foster it—as well as take it on yourself?

This course has answers.

What you will learn

How an accountable team looks and performs and the strategies for fostering a climate wherein everyone has this drive

Training course overview

  1. Explore accountability culture
  2. Instill accountability
  3. Take on the best practices to hold your team accountable

Learning outcomes

An accountable manager and team
An environment where everyone is happier, gives feedback in all directions, builds trust, and requires less management intervention

Developed by

Jason W. Womack

Jason W.

  • Accountability in Leadership

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