Engage People Remotely

Onboard in Hybrid Work Environments

Course time 37 min

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Onboard in Hybrid Work Environments

You could throw new hires in to sink or swim, but—particularly in the mixed remote and onsite environment of hybrid working—this can often lead to wasted time, ill will, and confusion. It’s much better to have a thorough and welcoming onboarding process, and yes, this is possible even when it must be done fully or partially remotely.

This course shows why and how we can do so to get new colleagues off to a quick and excellent start.

What you will learn

The dangers in not having an effective onboarding process in a hybrid environment and how to address them to assure future star talent is motivated and informed

Training course overview

  1. Make new hires feel a part of the team
  2. Set new hires up for success
  3. Set expectations

Learning outcomes

A well-functioning team that quickly integrates new members and offers them concrete objectives

Developed by

Lisette Sutherland is the author of "Work Together Anywhere" (Wiley) and member of the crossKnowledge Faculty


  • Engage People Remotely

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