Engage People Remotely

Lead a Hybrid Work Team

Course time 51 min

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Lead a Hybrid Work Team

As leaders, how do we ensure colleagues are really making progress when they’re remote some or all of the time? What are the special challenges of mixed onsite and remote management?

This course delves into the best managerial practices for hybrid working and how to transition to them.

What you will learn

How to facilitate trust, cohesion, collaboration, and motivation

Rearrange physical spaces for hybrid working

Training course overview

  1. Focus your leadership for hybrid working
  2. Set up your hybrid team

Learning outcomes

An effective, cohesive team that is capable of achieving targets while working hybrid

Developed by

Lisette Sutherland is the author of "Work Together Anywhere" (Wiley) and member of the crossKnowledge Faculty


  • Engage People Remotely

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