Engage People Remotely

Hire the Right People for Hybrid Working

Course time 35 min

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Hire the Right People for Hybrid Working

It’s one thing to ensure that people have the abilities required for a job, but a whole new skillset is needed for a hybrid working environment, when colleagues are at a distance from each other some or all of the time.

This course delves into the mindset and traits we must screen for and how we can go about doing so.

What you will learn

What to look for in hybrid working candidates, including how to ensure a good cultural fit, the right mindset, good communication skills, and more

Training course overview

  1. Seek the right mindsets and skills
  2. Set up a screening process

Learning outcomes

The capacity to spot and attract people who are ready to jump into hybrid working as self-starters and team players

Developed by

Lisette Sutherland is the author of "Work Together Anywhere" (Wiley) and member of the crossKnowledge Faculty


  • Engage People Remotely

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